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Travel Insurance with Medical Conditions

15 Dec 2020

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Travelling abroad is a daunting prospect for many, even more so for those with a pre-existing medical condition. We are here to share our years of experience and knowledge with you, ultimately giving you the confidence to travel knowing you are fully covered should anything unforeseen happen abroad.

Freedom Insurance have been providing specialist insurance policies to cover medical conditions since 2002 and will consider almost all medical conditions including heart conditions, strokes, diabetes and cancer.

You should always consult your doctor before planning a trip, make sure you are fit to travel and your dates aren’t overlapping any future appointments. Once you’ve got the go ahead, follow the below tips and guides to make sure you’re holiday ready!

Booking your trip

Choosing your destination – You may want to consider insurance premiums when selecting your destination; travelling to countries such as France, Italy or Greece (Europe) often results in cheaper insurance premiums than travelling to worldwide destinations such as the Caribbean or USA.

If you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition, you may need to take extra care when choosing your travel destination. Consider things such as temperature, will the colder weather play havoc with your arthritis? Flight times, is a long-haul flight suitable if you suffer from mobility problems?

FCDO Travel Advice – During the coronavirus pandemic, keeping up to date with the latest government travel advice has become particularly important. Whether the advice relates to terrorism, war or an infectious disease such as COVID-19, it’s important to check the latest FCDO travel advice here to ensure you are travelling to a safe area with no government advice against travel. Some countries currently require proof of a negative COVID-19 test result upon arrival, you will need to arrange this prior to travel.

Obtaining Travel Insurance with Freedom

Once you’ve found your dream holiday, it’s time to protect it against the unforeseen. Things can change in an instant so it’s important that you have the right amount of cover should the worst happen before you set off or during your trip!

Finding travel insurance when you have a pre-existing medical condition can be tough. It’s not as straightforward as purchasing a bog-standard insurance policy, as you’ll have declare your medical conditions to your insurer and answer a series of relevant questions. Relying on our years of experience, we try to make this process as quick, easy and stress-free as possible by keeping our questionnaire concise, only asking relevant questions to capture your medical history in a single phone call or via our online quote journey.

What’s Involved?

Trip details – Single or annual multi trip cover, destinations and travel dates.

Medical screening - Our medical declaration is split into three main segments. We ask these questions to ensure we have captured any relevant medical history, which you will then need to declare during your medical screening. You can follow this process online or speak with one of our call centre agents if you need additional guidance.

Tailoring your cover – Three cover levels with different policy benefits to suit your needs and optional extras such as denied boarding or activity cover.

Final details - Once you have completed your quote, you will receive a confirmation email. If you opt to purchase this quote, a policy confirmation email will follow with your documents attached for convenience. If you would prefer a physical copy of your paperwork, call us on 01223 446 914 and we’ll send a copy to your home address.

Medical Cover Abroad

When travelling abroad, it’s very important that you have enough cover as claims for medical expenses and repatriation can be very expensive. Most travel insurers use a medical screening tool to assess your pre-existing conditions, which will also account for the area of travel. Insurers tend split destinations into four main areas, with loadings applied depending on the cost of medical expenses. For example, the areas of Europe with cheaper medical costs, such as France and Italy, will generally result in cheaper insurance premiums compared to USA where most treatment will be private.

Our travel insurance policies are designed to cover medical emergencies abroad with medical cover available up to £10 million. This includes medical costs associated with your pre-existing conditions, providing an accurate medical screening has been completed. Our underwriters URV have stepped in to put your mind at rest when it comes to dealing with medical emergencies abroad by providing all travellers with access to a 24 hour emergency medical assistance line. All policies cover repatriation up to £200,000 which ensures your return to the UK if this is deemed medically necessary.

If Cover is Declined

As Freedom specialise in covering pre-existing medical conditions, it’s rare for us to decline cover. However, we can never guarantee an offer of insurance, and this may arise due to age, trip duration or your medical declaration. We would always recommend calling us on 01223 446 914 so that we find out why cover was declined, and if necessary, investigate alternative options for you.

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