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How to make a claim on your Freedom travel insurance policy


Whilst undergoing product changes in the last 12 months, Freedom have been offering travel insurance with several different providers. To ensure you're contacting the correct department, please refer to the contact details in your policy wording. If you remain unsure, contact our customer service team on 01223 446 914 for additional support.

It's So Easy Travel Insurance: If your policy was purchased with our sister company It's So Easy Travel Insurance, underwritten by Millstream (policy numbers beginning ITS or IST) please refer to It's So Easy Travel Insurance - Contact Us for contact information.

SunWorld: For policies issued by SunWorld/Freedom, underwritten by AXA (policy numbers beginning Free001) please contact Emergency Medical Assistance on +44 1473 351 757 or Claims on 0345 850 5193.

Emergency Assistance

If you need emergency medical assistance abroad or need to cut short your trip please contact the Assistance Team on:

+44 203 829 6745

They have medically-trained multi-lingual staff that will contact the hospital and discuss your condition with them.

Making a travel insurance claim

To make a claim ring the number contained in your policy booklet or visit: www.policyholderclaims.co.uk

You can also email: claims@policyholderclaims.co.uk

Visit www.policyholderclaims.co.uk where you will be guided through a series of questions to ensure your claim is dealt with efficiently. The website will list all key information and documents that you'll need to assist your claim. You will then be able to enter details of your claim and upload any supporting documents. In some cases, our underwriters may request additional documents.

Gadget Claims:

Contact Taurus Insurance Services Ltd on 0330 041 2864 or visit tiga.taurus.claims

We understand that the last thing on your mind when travelling would be making a claim, therefore we have put together a simple guide to make the claims procedure straightforward:

  1. Preparation:

Find the relevant section regarding claims evidence of the policy wording and ensure that you have all the claims evidence we require. This includes claims relating to cancellation, medical emergencies, travel disruption, personal property and more.

  1. Claim and policy details:

Ensure you have the personal details of the policy holder as well as their policy number.

Details regarding the type of claim you are making. For example, if your claim is in relation to cancellation of a flight, ensure you have your flight number and name of your airline.

  1. Contact the relevant department:

See ‘Important Telephone Numbers’ section of policy wording for further information.

Freedom's been providing travel insurance to people with pre-existing medical conditions for over 17 years!