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Sports and Activities

Sports and other activities covered by Freedom Travel Insurance

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The following sports and activities are covered as standard on all Freedom travel insurance, where the policy number begins FRE- or FREIG/. You will not be covered for any activities unless listed below. 

Cover for the following activities is included for recreational, amateur purposes only. When participating in your activity you must ensure that it is adequately supervised and appropriate safety equipment is worn/used at all times. Please view our policy wording for full terms and conditions.

There will be no cover under Personal Liability for any activity marked with an asterisk (*)



Aerobics, Air Boarding, Angling, Archery, Badminton, Banana Boating, Bar Work (licensed premises only, no heavy lifting), Baseball, Basketball, Beach Games, Biathlon, Board Sailing, Body Boarding, Boogie Boarding, Bowling, Bowls, Breathing Observation Bubble (30m), Canoeing (grade 1 rivers), Canopy Walking (on fixed structure walkways), Catamaran Sailing*, Clay Pigeon Shooting*, Clerical and Office Work, Cookery Courses, Cricket (non-professional tournament or competition), Croquet, Cross Country Running (half marathon or less), Cycling (no intercontinental touring), Darts, Dinghy Sailing*, Dog Sledding, Dragon Boating*, Elephant Trekking* (must be with official organisers), Fell Walking, Fishing, Fruit Picking (excluding heavy lifting in excess of 25kg and no cover for the use of power tools or farm machinery)



Golf (non-professional tournament or competition), Handball, Hiking, Walking, Rambling, Hill Walking and Trekking (below 1,500m), Hot Air Ballooning (organised pleasure rides as a fare paying passenger only), Husky Sledge Ride (organised and non-competitive with an experienced local driver. Insured can drive themselves if supervised by an experienced local driver), Inline Skating, Jet Boating*, Jogging, Kayaking (grade 1 rivers), Korfball, Motorcycling* (general exclusions apply, see policy wording)



Netball, Paintballing* (must wear eye protection), Parascending (over water), Racquetball, Rambling, Refereeing (must be an amateur basis), Retail Work (excluding heavy lifting or carrying items that exceed 25kg), Rifle Shooting* (target shooting within a controlled environment or club only), Ringos/Doughnuts, Roller Blading, Roller Skating, Rounders, Rowing, Running (not long distance)



Safari (no guns - must be organised by a bona fide tour operator), Safari Trekking in a Vehicle (no guns. Must be organised by a bona fide tour operator), Safari Trekking on Foot (no guns. Must be organised by a bona fide tour operator), Sail Boarding*, Sailing* (within a 12 mile limit of the coastline), Scuba Diving to 18 metres (must be qualified or with an instructor), Skateboarding, Snooker, Snorkeling, Softball, Squash, Street Dancing, Surfing* (cover provided if part of a non-professional competition), Swimming, Swimming with Dolphins (must be with official organisers), Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk (must be supervised and full safety and safety equipment used), Table Tennis, Ten Pin Bowling, Tennis, Trampolining, Tree-top Walking (on fixed structure walkways), Trekking up to 1,500m (above sea level), Tug of War, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Wake Boarding*, Walking Hill (up to 1,500 meters), War Games* (must wear eye protection), Water Polo, Water Skiing* (no competitions), Windsurfing* (no competitions), Yachting* (within a 12 mile limit of the coastline), Yoga, Zip Lining (must be adequately supervised and full safety equipment used)