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Travel & Holiday Insurance with Medical Conditions

Designed for people with pre-existing conditions by medical travel insurance experts

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Mental Health Travel Insurance

Single and Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance including cover for mental health conditions, designed by medical insurance experts

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Cancer Travel Insurance

Get travel insurance to cover your cancer condition, whether in remission or undergoing treatment

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Heart Condition Travel Insurance

Holiday insurance to cover all pre-existing heart conditions, including heart failure and atrial fibrillation. Remember to declare your preventative medication such as blood pressure or cholesterol


Medical Condition Index

We are medical travel insurance experts and have been covering pre-existing conditions for more than 20 years. Below are just some of the conditions we cover on a regular basis, select a page to find out more about our travel insurance products and benefits:




Bowel Cancer

Breast Cancer


Diabetes Type 1 & Type 2



Heart Attack

Heart Condition

High Blood Pressure

High & Controlled Cholesterol

Kidney Disease



Mental Health Conditions


Parkinsons Disease

Prostate Cancer

Stroke & TIA

If you have a pre-existing medical condition not listed above, you can still obtain a quote online or by calling us on 01223 446 914.

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Medical travel insurance frequently asked questions

We do not need the names of the medication or the dosage. What we do need to know are the names of the diagnosed medical conditions for which you are prescribed medication. If you are unsure of this please consult your doctor.

We do not ask for a letter from your GP in order to issue cover. Medical claims will be referred back to your GP so it is important that you answer our medical declaration honestly.

Should your pre-existing medical conditions, directly or indirectly disrupt your holiday plans, maybe causing you to cancel or possibly resulting in emergency medical treatment abroad, providing you have told us about your medical conditions and cover has been agreed, you will be able to recover your expenses (excesses may apply).