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Epilepsy Travel and Holiday Insurance

Whether a one-off seizure or epilepsy, Freedom can give you the peace of mind that you are fully covered for your trip

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Medical Cover

Medical Cover

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Medical Cover

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Benefit (excess) Silver Gold Platinum
Cancellation & Curtailment £1,500 (£100) £5,000 (£75) £10,000 (£50)
Emergency Medical & Repatriation £5,000,000 (£100) £10,000,000 (£75) £10,000,000 (£50)
Missed Departure £750 (£100) £1,000 (£75) £1,250 (£50)
Baggage and Personal Belongings £750 (£100) £1,000 (£75) £2,000 (£50)

Cover limits are per person, per trip.

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Travel and holiday insurance for people with epilepsy

Approximately 600,000 people in the UK are prescribed anti-epileptic drugs and these can range from precautionary medication due to a brain condition or those who suffer from more prolonged seizures. We understand the importance of finding appropriate travel insurance to cover your condition whilst travelling, as seizures can be triggered for many reasons including fatigue, excitement and anxiety.

It is important to inform us of your diagnosis, treatment and any related complications so that we can provide a fully comprehensive insurance policy, meaning that if you were to suffer an epileptic fit your policy will cover for emergency medical treatment, cancellation or if your holiday is cut short.

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Freedom have been providing travel and holiday insurance covering epilepsy for over 20 years!

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Epilepsy travel and holiday insurance at a fair price

Many are prescribed anti-epileptic drugs due to conditions such as head injuries, brain tumours or strokes whilst others suffer regular and more prolonged seizures. We understand the varying affect this condition can have on day to day life and will ask relevant questions to assess your diagnosis. It’s important to declare your condition whether you are applying online or over the telephone, to ensure we have all the information on record in the event of a claim.

Our prices are based on a person’s current state of health at the time of taking out a policy, so if you live with epilepsy or have a history of admissions due to seizures, we will tailor a policy that specifically meets your individual needs, making sure you have the right level of cover for your trip.

Freedom Travel Insurance

Why choose Freedom?

Specialist travel insurance including cover for epilepsy

We are specialists with over 20 years of experience. We've been providing travel insurance policies for people with a variety of pre-existing medical conditions since 2002.

Applying for travel and holiday insurance with epilepsy

You can apply here online or over the telephone; it’s quick, simple and totally confidential. To provide you with a quote, you’ll need to let us know where you are travelling to, and for how long. Make sure to declare your epilepsy and any other pre-existing medical conditions that apply to you and anyone else on the policy.

You will be guided through a medical screening questionnaire, where a series of relevant questions will be asked to assess your health. These questions should be answered accurately and to the best of your knowledge.  You will then be presented with available policy options, which include cover for declared medical conditions as well as cover for cancellation, baggage, personal accident and lots more.

If you need to ask us something more specific about your epilepsy or seizures, please call and one of our medically aware travel insurance agents will gladly help.

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Cabin crew are on hand to help!

If you have frequent seizures, it’s useful to tell the cabin staff so they know exactly what’s happening. You should always wear identity jewellery or carry an epilepsy card


Medication timing

Take medication at the correct time, considering the change in time zones and make sure to pack additional supplies in case of emergency, delays or theft



Some anti-malarial medications can provoke seizures, speak with your GP as they will be able to advise what is suitable

Tips for travellers with medical conditions

Medical screening and declaring pre-existing conditions

Insuring travelling companions on the same policy

Dealing with medical emergencies abroad

Our team of friendly, medically aware travel insurance agents are here to help

Medical travel insurance frequently asked questions

Yes, due to our medical declaration in regard to epilepsy, you would need to declare if you have had any treatment for epilepsy, medical advice including surgery tests or investigations or prescribed medication in the last two years.

Yes, you would need to screen your epilepsy online, normally if your epilepsy is well controlled we can look into offering annual cover.

Single trip travel insurance is available up to the age of 79. The available duration will vary depending on your age bracket. See the policy wording or call us if your dates are not returning a quotation as we may be able to explore alternative policies.

For annual multi-trip policies, we can cover up to the age of 79 with a maximum trip length of 31 days per trip. If you are under 75, this can be extended to 45 days