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Insuring Travelling Companions on the Same Policy

19 Feb 2020

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Some of the main benefits of insuring all travelling companions on the same policy would be:

Cancellation cover

It is recommended that all travellers are insured on the same policy, if you are then unable to travel on your trip due to a new or previously declared medical reason then all travellers insured by Freedom would then be covered for cancellation.

To give some examples of why this could be important:

Mrs Bloggs is insured with Freedom having declared and covered her heart conditions, however Mr Bloggs is insured by his bank. If Mrs Bloggs had a recurrence of her heart condition a couple of days before the planned trip and was advised not to travel, our Freedom policy would only cover Mrs Bloggs cancellation claim as we only insure her.  Mr Bloggs would need to contact his bank to claim for cancellation for his part of the trip, however he may not be covered as the reason for cancellation is due to Mrs Bloggs pre-existing condition. This problem would not arise were both travellers insured by Freedom.


If all travelling companions are insured with Freedom, there would only be one set of paperwork and one company to contact to arrange cover or raise queries. In additional to this, if you did need to make a claim then you would only be dealing with one insurer and have one set of claim forms to complete.