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Prostate Cancer Travel and Holiday Insurance

Designed for people with prostate cancer by medical travel insurance experts

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Medical Cover

Medical Cover

Medical Cover

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Medical Cover

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Medical Cover

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Benefit (excess) Silver Gold Platinum
Cancellation & Curtailment £1,500 (£100) £5,000 (£75) £7,000 (£50)
Emergency medical cover £5,000,000 (£100) £10,000,000 (£75) £10,000,000 (£50)
Repatriation £200,000 (£100) £200,000 (£75) £200,000 (£50)
Baggage and Personal Belongings £750 (£100) £1,000 (£75) £1,500 (£50)
Missed Departure £750 (£100) £1,000 (£75) £1,250 (£50)

Cover limits are per person, per trip.

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Travel and holiday insurance for people with prostate cancer

At Freedom, we understand that no two cancers are the same and for that reason, we assess each case on its individual merits to provide the most suitable cover. Treatment can vary depending on the severity of your condition and whether the cancer is confined or metastatic. If you’ve had surgery or are undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy or another form of treatment - you can look to Freedom Insurance to provide cover for your travel.

Our travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions is a fully comprehensive policy, giving you the peace of mind that you are covered if you have any change to your health during travel. It is important to have cover for your prostate cancer, as it will cover if a related complication arises whilst you are travelling such as urinary issues following a prostatectomy.

Freedom has taken these scenarios into consideration, for example, if you are admitted to hospital during your holiday, your policy will cover for emergency medical treatment or to cut your holiday short if it's in any way related to cancer.

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Freedom will consider cover for those with ongoing treatment or clinical trials

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Prostate cancer travel and holiday insurance at a fair price

Our prices are based on a person’s current state of health at the time of taking out a policy, but it is always important to declare your cancer and any other diagnosed conditions to ensure that we have all the required information in the event of a claim.

Our medical questions will briefly ask about your current circumstances to give us a picture of your treatment plan but whether you are undergoing treatment or have been given the all clear with regular routine check-ups, we don’t feel that prostate cancer should stop you from travelling.

Want to find out more about prostate cancer? Click to see information provided by Cancer Research UK. (This is an external link and we cannot be held responsible for the information provided)

Freedom Travel Insurance

Why choose Freedom?

Specialist travel insurance including pre-existing medical conditions

We are specialists with over 17 years of experience. We've been providing travel insurance policies for people with a variety of pre-existing medical conditions since 2002.

Applying for travel and holiday insurance with prostate cancer

You can apply here online or over the telephone, it's simple and totally confidential. We have friendly and understanding travel insurance agents ready to guide you through the process. To provide you with a quote, you’ll need to let us know where you are travelling to, and for how long. Make sure to declare your cancer and any other pre-existing medical conditions that apply to you and anyone else on the policy.

You will be taken through a medical screening questionnaire, where a series of relevant questions will be asked to assess your health. These questions should be answered accurately and to the best of your knowledge. You will then be presented with available policy options, which include cover for declared medical conditions as well as cover for cancellation, baggage, personal accident and lots more.

If you need any assistance or have questions more specific to your prostate cancer, please call us and one of our insurance agents will gladly help!

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Speak to your consultant

Discuss your travel destination with your GP, they’ll be able to advise on appropriate destinations, vaccinations and any recommended precautions you should take. If you are undergoing treatment, they can often arrange this around your travel plans!


Keep mobile

Stay mobile during the flight, stand at least once an hour to keep your blood flowing and prevent clots. Ensure you have medication that is available during the flight and stay hydrated!


Treatment Plan

Cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy can weaken your immune system - discuss risk of infection and ensure you are vaccinated for your travel. Take all your medication and extras in case of delays, loss or theft

"Excellent company and great service. I have used Freedom for many years. Peace of mind that we are covered for medical conditions and can enjoy our holiday. Very easy to use, online quotes and staff on the phones are very helpful, thanks."

Claire Davies

Tips for travellers with medical conditions

Medical screening and declaring pre-existing conditions

Insuring travelling companions on the same policy

Dealing with medical emergencies abroad

Our team of friendly, medically aware travel insurance agents are here to help

Medical travel insurance frequently asked questions

Depending on what your prostate cancer treatment is, the premium can greatly vary depending on where you wish to travel but we can certainly look into and explain your options.

You would need to do a medical screening which will take into account how the cancer is being treated to see if we can offer a quotation.

We don't impose an upper age limit, however, the duration we can cover (up to 365 days) may vary depending on age. If Freedom can't cover the duration of your trip, we can look into alternative options